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Fellowship with people of the same interest.
Sharing of history and genealogy research knowledge, successes and problems.
Help from people who are knowledgeable in genealogy, acquiring new research skills.
Helping others get started in research, sharing of genealogy search knowledge.
Exploring the rich history of this area.
Programs at meetings that expand one's knowledge in both genealogy and history.
Attending PVGS local training classes.
Volunteering and contributing to the community.
Volunteering at the Local History and Genealogy Library to help others.
Helping the library collect research material.
Documenting, updating, and photographing cemeteries.

Join Us:

Membership in PVGS shall be open to all persons, libraries and agencies interested in the field of genealogy and meeting the following requirements: 1.Fill out a membership application with contact information.
2.Pay dues according to the level chosen:Person($25) Family($35) FT Student($15).