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New Research Books added 2021

County Title-Subject
Brown Howard Payne College Yearbooks 1919,1841,1944
Brown Daniel Baker College Yearbook 1952
Camp Camp Co. Tx. Customs and Characters
Camp Camp Co. Tx. History of Customs and Characters
Cochran Cochran Co. Tx. Texas Last Frontier 1836-1986 Vol.2
Cottle Cottle Co. Tx. My Dear 1979
Crockett Crockett Co. Tx. Marriages Records 1892-19112
Deaf Smith Deaf Smith Co. Tx. 1891-1916
Henderson Henderson Co. Tx., An Antebellum History 1846 - 1861,
Hill A History of Hill Co. Tx. 1853-1980
Iron Iron Co. Tx. Marriages Records 1889 - 1904
Jackson Jackson Co. Tx. Inventory of the County, Archives
Jackson Jackson Co. Tx. Marriage Records 1840-1890
Johnson Johnson Co. Tx. A pictorial History Vol 1
La Salle Some History La Salle County, Tx. v2
Liberty Liberty Co. Tx. Marriage Records A-B 1875-1899
Live Oak The History 0f the People of Live Oak Co. Tx.
Madison A History of Madison Co. Tx.
Maverick Maverick Co. Tx. Fort Duncan
Nolan Nolan Co. Tx. First One Hundred years Sweetwater & Roscoe, Tx.
Parmer A History of Parmer Co. Tx.
Polk A Pictorial History of Polk Co. Tx. 1846 - 1910
Potter Potter Co. Tx. Marriage records 1880 - 1898
Schleicher Schleicher Co. Tx. Marriage 1902-1905
Sterling Sterling Co. Tx. ‘Milling Around’
Trinity Trinity Co. Tx. Confederate Pension Applications
Van Zandt Van Zandt Co. Tx. Some HistorLa Salle County, Tx. 2
Van Zandt Van Zandt Co. Tx. Cemeteries Bk. 4
Victoria Victoria Co. Tx. Biographies and Southwest
Wharton Wharton Co. Tx. Biographies and Southwest Texas History
Wilson Wilson co. Tx. Marriages 1860-1876
Wilson Wilson Co. Tx. Biographies and Southwest TX. History
Yoakum Yoakum Co. Tx. From Sod to 1986