Brown County Confederate Pension Applications

The Index to Confederate Pension Applications provides the names, county of residence, and pension number of some 54,634 approved, rejected, and home pensions issued by the Texas government between 1899 and 1975. The listing for a widow's pension includes her husband's name as it appears on her application form. If the husband also applied for a Texas Confederate Pension, the number of that pension (or the specification "Rejected" or "Home") is noted as well.

Confederate veterans and their widows were dependent upon the generosity of the already impoverished former Confederate states for any postwar pension benefits. In awarding pensions for Confederate service, Texas, like most other southern states, confined its relief payments to veterans or their widows resident in Texas since 1880 who were disabled or indigent. Therefore, the index of applicants for Confederate pensions in no way represents a complete roster of Texas residents who had fought for the Confederacy.

If you do not immediately find the name you are researching it might be because the person did not submit an application for a pension. However, the names in the listing are based on the spelling given on the endorsement page of the printed pension application form. If that name is somehow misspelled, the misspelling is reflected in the computer entry. (For example, a week before his death, W. C. Akin applied for a Confederate pension; subsequently his widow Susan applied for a pension in her own name. The request for records from the United States Adjutant General and many other affidavits in the pension application spell the name as Aiken.) Check all possible spellings of a veteran's surname before deciding that he or his widow did not apply for a pension.

The Confederate Pension Applications were transferred to the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) from the Office of the Comptroller of Public Accounts between 1934 and 1980. Even then, some application files were identified as missing. Although the names and associated file numbers are known, the records themselves are no longer available. There is value, however, in knowing the applications actually existed, along with the limited information that is to be found in the index. The entries are clearly recognizable by the word Missing which appears next to the application number. Patrons should not request photocopies of these non-existent records.

The application forms and their attached records and correspondence are on file in TSLAC's Archives and Information Services Division. You may request copies of the files by telephone, regular mail, or e-mail. To obtain an approved pension, give the applicant's name and pension number. If the Index lists the pension application as a Rejected or a Home pension, give the applicant's full name as it appears in the index, the county of residence, and "Rejected" or "Home," whichever is appropriate.

Each file will vary in number of pages and content; therefore, the Archives staff will copy each complete file requested and bill you for the total number of pages reproduced

Claimant Name Application Number Husband Husband's Application Number
Abney, James A. 47699    
Adams, Fannie Tiberius Missing Adams, Zachariah Burges  
Allcorn, John Caldwell 41289    
Allcorn, Mary Elizabeth 50553 Allcorn, John Caldwell 41289
Allman, Kitty 49546 Allman, Nelson Atkinson  
Andrews, Sarah J. 38185 Andrews, Wade Anderson  
Armstrong, Nancy Elizabeth 42476 Armstrong, Stephen Francis  
Arnold, E. L. (Mrs) 32572 Arnold, William F.  
Arvin, Sallie A. 46344 Arvin, Jameson Alexander  
Ascue, R. B. rej    
Atkins, John L. 41206    
Awbrey, Julia Ann 43302 Awbrey, Thomas Jefferson 05661
Backus, Mournen 36910 Backus, Thomas Jefferson  
Bagley, Thomas J. 36250    
Baker, Louisa Phenolia rej Baker, Henry  
Baker, Robert Watt (Mrs) 35053 Baker, Robert Watt  
Bartlett, Linnie B. 47673 Bartlett, James Edward  
Bates, Daniel C. 22828    
Bates, Mary 34533 Bates, Daniel C. 22828
Baugh, Francis Elizabeth 49016 Baugh, Levin Powell  
Baxter, Rachel E. 41790 Baxter, John A.  
Beaird, William C. 23200    
Beal, H. M. (Mrs) 04933 Beal, Albert  
Beaumont, Gulielmus Henry, Dr. 07155    
Beck, D. M. 00548    
Bell, Joseph Henry 49430    
Bennett, Harrett N. rej Bennett, Richard Barton  
Bird, Melissa S. 36854 Bird, Francis Richmond 16164
Black, William Pinckney 04932    
Blackstone, M. J. (Mrs) 09535 Blackstone, John H.  
Blair, E. B. 08629    
Blair, Mattie Clark 41847 Blair, David Joseph  
Bledsoe, George Washington 00549    
Bourn, Mary 50160 Bourn, Tuck  
Bowden, Charles W. 40077    
Bowden, D. E. (Mrs) 30208 Bowden, William Sebastian  
Bowden, Mary J. 45095 Bowden, Charles W. 40077
Bowden, William R. 20481    
Boyle, J. W. W. 22887    
Braddock, K. H. (Mrs) 34857 Braddock, Perry Greenfield  
Brantley, Mineriva M. 31881 Brantley, John Hightower  
Breed, G. A. (Mrs) 14754 Breed, William Nathan  
Brewer, John Willis 40701    
Brewer, Martha Jane 42981 Brewer, John Willis 40701
Broocke, Lydia Ann 49457 Broocke, Rufus King Anderson  
Brooks, Henderson 30906    
Brooks, Mary 36092 Brooks, Henderson 30906
Broom, Madison 13731    
Brown, A. E. (Mrs) rej Brown, William Lunceford  
Brown, Alfred E. 21056    
Brown, Benjamin F. 14755    
Brumley, A. J. 00533    
Buford, James Wilburn 14749    
Burns, Alabama Victoria 34246 Burns, Joseph Shrock  
Burns, John W. 07153    
Caffey, Francis Elmira rej Caffey, Abraham  
Callaway, William J. rej    
Campbell, Pauline M. 14752 Campbell, James Mifflen  
Carlisle, F. M. 04934    
Carnes, Kate 23558 Carnes, John 10878
Carroll, Samantha A. 37798 Carroll, Wilbur Pipkin  
Carter, Bernetie Hanah rej Carter, Alexander Aulkie  
Carter, William Thomas 25929    
Cash, T. J. 08180    
Chaddick, R. C. 18686    
Chamberlain, Elva Lee 42146 Chamberlain, Wiley Jackson  
Champion, M. F. (Mrs) rej Champion, George Wesley  
Chappell, J. D. 23398    
Charters, Carrie Amanda 38235 Charters, Samuel  
Charters, Robert Edward 51410    
Chism, Sarah E. Quirl 49386 Quirl, Joseph  
Clark, John Matthew 41337    
Clark, Lewis 12750    
Clark, M. L. 04592a    
Clark, Sarah 33747 Clark, John Stewart 25044
Clingman, Julia A. 31053 Clingman, Alexander Michael  
Coalson, Julia Ann 43110 Coalson, McDonald C. 25140
Coalson, McDonald C. 25140    
Cobb, Mary E. 30845 Cobb, John Clark  
Coffee, F. E. (Mrs) 30619 Coffee, William Madison  
Coffey, Emer Maria 46080 Coffey, John Nathan  
Cole, J. M. 00537    
Collett, Martha Ellen 49959 Collett, Abraham Hoss  
Cook, Ermine 39132 Cook, Nathan Fairchild  
Cooper, Peter 14753    
Crawford, David O. 34527    
Cross, Francis Marion 06598    
Crundwell, Joseph Mathias 30154    
Crundwell, Ruth M. 31055 Crundwell, Joseph Mathias 30154
Cunningham, Mary Melissie 43308 Cunningham, John Evans  
Curry, Alexander 00551    
Curry, B. F. 06990    
Curry, David Webster rej    
Curry, S. L. (Mrs) rej Curry, Benjamin Franklin  
Cutbirth, Lucy Ann 37206 Cutbirth, Sam 34242
Damron, Nancy A. 34978 Damron, John Henry  
Daniell, Elizabeth S. 07151 Daniell, Isaac D.  
Daniell, Susan 42170 Daniell, Jefferson Collie  
Daughtrey, Josiah 30911    
Davis, Jennie 21129 Davis, John Wesley 18685
Davis, John Wesley 18685    
Davis, Margaret Ann 50143 Davis, Pinkney  
Davis, Mattie D. 46758 Davis, Newton Blackborn  
Deaton, A. E. (Mrs) 49417 Deaton, Greenberry  
Debusk, Sarah Catherine 49122 Debusk, Elijah  
Dennis, Mollie 50629 Dennis, William Thomas 39731
Dennis, William Thomas 39731    
Dickey, Anna Green 43487 Dickey, Thomas Marion 42280
Dickey, Thomas Marion 42280    
Dobson, Mary Lou rej Dobson, Marshall Melton  
Donnell, Martha Ann 06989 Donnell, Stephen H.  
Donnell, Stephen H. 00535a    
Doss, Washington Alvin 04557    
Dossey, James Thomas 38740    
Doud, Sarah Abbigill 51016 Doud, William Charles  
Dowdy, Nancy Jane 39140 Dowdy, John Samuel  
Dowty, Jennie 35283 Dowty, Samuel James  
Dozier, Sarah 45998 Dozier, James Absolam 36937
Drape, Laura 36942 Drape, Holden Ivens  
Drew, Bettie 35809 Drew, Samuel Joseph 13244
Drew, Samuel Joseph 13244    
Drinkard, Mary Ann 41258 Drinkard, Evans Itham  
Dromgoole, A. F. (Mrs) 00540 Dromgoole, P. G.  
Dula, D. F. rej    
Dunn, William M. 35638    
Dunnam, Tillie 39206 Dunnam, Evander Jerome 18328
Edmiston, Nancy Margie 29477 Edmiston, Samuel Madison  
Elder, William Joseph 04559    
Ellis, Elizabeth L. 08977 Ellis, Richard J.  
Elsberry, William Pentecost 43345    
English, Florence C. 43338 English, John Wicker 39826
English, John Wicker 39826    
Eoff, Charity 00541 Eoff, John  
Eskridge, Francis E. (Mrs) 18852 Eskridge, William B.  
Fair, Eva rej Fair, George Fannin 09925
Falls, M. F. 21744    
Farr, J. W. 04937    
Flanagan, N. E. (Mrs) 35426 Flanagan, John Daniel 02496
Fuller, Mattie C. 47619 Fuller, William Hartwell  
Fuller, Sarah Jane 41747 Fuller, William Daniel 26789
Garner, W. S. 40584    
Garrett, Henry J. 08236    
Gavit, James Washington 30914    
Gavit, Nancy 50605 Gavit, James Washington 30914
Gibson, Benjamin R. 42340    
Gilbert, John B. 04936    
Gillaspie, William T. B. 27548    
Gillespie, William T. B. 25872    
Glass, James rej    
Gober, Jasper E. 21401    
Godwin, Andrew J. 27608    
Gordon, Sarah A. 47856 Gordon, Ephraim Brown  
Graham, Margaret Bell 28877 Graham, Daniel  
Gray, L. E. (Mrs) 30056 Gray, William Lafayette  
Green, M. P. (Mrs) 12290 Green, J. P.  
Green, W. H. 13730    
Griffin, A. E. (Mrs) 25893 Griffin, Jonas Major 13073
Griffin, Elizabeth P. 18851 Griffin, Samuel H.  
Griffith, William Taylor 38531    
Groves, S. J. (Mrs) rej Groves, William Finley  
Hale, Mary Elizabeth 46707 Hale, Charles  
Hall, B. C. R. rej    
Hall, Lucretia 17386 Hall, William Houston  
Hamilton, S. M. (Mrs) 28529 Hamilton, Isaac Perry  
Hardy, Thomas Hogan, Sr. 50399    
Harmon, M. J. Kitchens (Mrs) 36920 Kitchens, James H.  
Harris, M. E. (Mrs) 26913 Harris, James Thomas 08267
Harrison, Dora 42249 Harrison, John Wesley  
Hart, Robert Creed 25520    
Hawthorne, Mary Elzady 52082 Hawthorne, Charles Henry  
Haynes, John James 23625    
Henderson, Nancy 41169 Henderson, Marion  
Henley, James A. rej    
Hennigan, Juliette H. 40849 Hennigan, James Edward  
Hester, James P. rej    
Hibbitts, Wagie rej Hibbitts, Luther Thomas  
Higginbotham, M. S. (Mrs) 14751 Higginbotham, James Dennis  
Hise, Barbara Ann 42417 Hise, Lemuel Patrick  
Holamon, S. C. W. 29705    
Holcomb, Bettie 38820 Holcomb, James K. Polk  
Holcombe, I. C. (Mrs) 00535 Holcombe, Samuel S.  
Holland, C. W. 00544    
Holland, Leah 06597 Holland, C. W.  
Holland, Martha J. rej Holland, John William  
Holleman, Fannie C. 49121 Holleman, James G.  
Hopson, Louisa J. rej Hopson, Wiley Martin  
Horner, Francis J. 47951 Horner, James Jefferson  
Horton, Benjamin Wesley 49650    
Horton, Mary E. 51372 Horton, Benjamin Wesley 49650
House, Nancy Melissa 07157 House, J. M.  
Houshell, Abbie rej Houshell, Martin V.  
Howard, L. C. rej    
Howard, M. A. (Mrs) 28866 Howard, Lycugus Cagi  
Huggins, R. J. (Mrs) rej Huggins, W. B.  
Hughes, John Warren 29668    
Hughes, Lou J. 35428 Hughes, John Warren 29668
Hulse, C. O. (Mrs) 00546 Hulse, Daniel  
Ingram, George Washington 14747    
Ish, N. J. (Mrs) 14748 Ish, Thomas Alexander  
Jackson, S. J. (Mrs) 21136 Jackson, James Foster  
James, S. A. (Mrs) 35678 James, Thomas Wright  
Jameson, E. E. (Mrs) 25984 Jameson, James Marcellus  
Jenkins, J. W. rej    
Johnson, Alva Putman 20659    
Johnson, John Wesley 38732    
Johnson, Sarah Harris rej Johnson, William Green  
Jones, J. M. 04562    
Jones, James Council 37316    
Jones, Richard 04938    
Jones, Vira 51541 Jones, James Counsel 37316
Keating, Nancy Helen 52028 Keating, James W.  
Kidd, Francis Rubenia 45967 Kidd, John Thomas  
Kimbrough, J. H. 18850    
Kirksey, Elihu L. 40973    
Knight, R. B. (Mrs) 50367 Knight, Matthew  
Knox, William Alexander 49082    
Kornegay, L. J. (Mrs) 00538 Kornegay, E. A.  
Kyle, W. A. 09586    
Lane, Annie Augusta 43111 Lane, Orlando Claybourn (claiborn) 41017
Lane, Orlando Claiborn (Claybourn) 41017    
Lawhon, John M. 25418    
Laxson, A. E. (Mrs) 20232 Laxson, George Dallas 10876
Layton, Mary Ann 22479 Layton, Henry Francis  
Lea, M. E. (Mrs) 14750 Lea, Charles Murry  
Leamons, Joshua 00528    
Lemmons, Val J. 12289    
Lile, Clay 13732    
Lilly, William G. 06991    
Lockhart, B. A. 29213    
Lowrey, W. H. 09157    
Ludlow, Jessie Greene 51607 Ludlow, Benjamin Austin  
Lyon, James Randolph 40330    
Machen, William Henry 21238    
Mallow, Josephine 41586 Mallow, William Alford  
Mallow, Sallie Rebecca C. 41253 Mallow, Lewis Clark  
Mallow, W. A. (Mrs) Missing    
Martin, J. H. 23201    
Martin, Mary Jane 33556 Martin, Elisha Edwards  
Martin, Sarah Ann Francis 46809 Martin, William Henry  
Mason, W. W. rej    
Mathews, Nancy 29276 Mathews, William Mathews  
Mayers, Adam George 26106    
McBride, Hamlet H. 08978    
McBride, Thomas Jefferson 41969    
McCauley, Lillie 49119 McCauley, George Dallas  
McCown, Zachary Taylor 38420    
McCulley, Martha L. 40175 McCulley, Elias Frierson  
McCulloch, John M. rej    
McDonald, Andrew Jackson 46781    
McDonald, Hannah Polk 51218 McDonald, Andrew Jackson 46781
McDonald, Josephine 42526 McDonald, William Joseph 40371
McDonald, William Joseph 40371    
McDowell, Janie Elizabeth 42749 McDowell, James Polk 23441
McElmurry, M. 23389    
McGarity, W. A. 27253    
McIntosh, Mary C. 33257 McIntosh, Daniel  
McKinney, Jemina Pettis 34498 McKinney, William Pierson  
McMahan, John R. 41170    
McMinn, Florence Clinton 46006 McMinn, John  
McPeeters, Harvey Taylor 26654    
McPhail, Julia A. 04935 McPhail, Dugald  
McQuerry, William M. 17385    
Meares, Dwight Hayes 30925    
Meares, Mary A. 43762 Meares, Dwight Hayes 30925
Melton, Isaac Wesley 12751    
Melton, Minnerva Ann 47516 Melton, Isaac Wesley 12751
Mercer, Amos Windham 41487    
Milhollon, Sarah Jane 42102 Milhollon, Bartholomew Wood  
Miller, James William 28650    
Millhollen, Sarah J. Missing    
Millhollon, B. W. 27177    
Millican, O. P. 00534    
Modgling, Ann P. rej Modgling, Elijah  
Montgomery, H. M., Dr. 00547    
Moore, Julia 25946 Moore, Robert Salisbury  
Moore, Sarah Jane 39530 Moore, James Madison  
Morris, Julia A. rej Morris, William  
Murphy, Statira Ann 45828 Murphy, Samuel Anthony  
Nation, Joseph N. 25416    
Norton, Lenora Geneva 46282 Norton, William Franklin 45926
Norton, William Franklin 45926    
Nuckols, Green A. 40981    
Nunn, E. H. 07158    
Orton, John Alexander 45188    
Owen, E. M. rej    
Owen, Minerva W. 35134 Owen, Isaac Newton  
Owen, William Henry 35184    
Parker, Irbin H. home    
Parks, Julia A. Schoolcraft 47508 Schoolcraft, George Washington, Sr 19777
Patterson, Fannie C. Van Ness 49530 Van Ness, Theodore Eugene  
Patterson, Malissa A. 41820 Patterson, Andrew Gibson  
Patton, Eva 47783 Patton, Clement Christopher  
Perkins, Cherry 40613 Perkins, Dick 34740
Perkins, Dick 34740    
Petross, J. M. 13733    
Petty, Frankie Jane 49767 Petty, William Harrison  
Petty, Stacy Elizabeth 43311 Petty, James Calvin  
Phillips, Ida M. 41817 Phillips, Wilson 09175
Phipps, Andrew Jackson 34570    
Pinson, A. L. 00545    
Plummer, George W. 49665    
Polk, John D. 10003    
Porter, Elsie Jane 33557 Porter, Joseph Jacob  
Potts, L. A. (Mrs) 17387 Potts, James  
Powell, W. J. 00530    
Prentiss, John William 27227    
Preston, James Tremble 45951    
Price, Joseph 18849    
Privett, N. A. (Pat) (Mrs) 07156 Privett, Lee A.  
Puckett, Isiah Clairborn 35004    
Puckett, J. E. 32558    
Puckett, Mollie 38632 Puckett, Isiah Clairborn 35004
Rafferty, John Milton 36195    
Rafferty, Maggie 46253 Rafferty, John Milton 36195
Raines, James David 08879    
Rains, G. W. 06988    
Rambo, Mary Jane 43304 Rambo, David Henry  
Ramsey, Jennie rej Ramsey, William Henry  
Ratliff, Huldah 11358 Ratliff, Richard 08958
Ratto, John 41298    
Ray, E. F. (Mrs) 50250 Ray, Fountain Pitts  
Reddell, M. A. (Mrs) 05031 Reddell, John Holland  
Reed, L. E. (Mrs) 32097 Reed, William Penson  
Renfro, Alef Augusta 47892 Renfro, David Kennedy  
Renfro, M. O. (Mrs) 38250 Renfro, Thomas Campbell 18096
Renfro, Thomas Campbell 18096    
Richardson, James B. 43274    
Roberts, Josephine A. rej Roberts, Joshua T.  
Roberts, Lijah Thomas 27332    
Roberts, Tilithia Ann 41731 Roberts, Lijah Thomas 27332
Robinett, John Wesley 11831    
Robinson, Mary C. 43305 Robinson, John W.  
Robinson, Mary C. Stell 42180 Stell, Andrew Jackson  
Russell, Nancy Catherine 32991 Russell, Cornelius Aaron  
Saffold, Delilah 42144 Saffold, Eli C.  
Sanders, L. W. rej    
Sanders, Leroy Davis 49883    
Savage, Susan C. 38882 Savage, Hiram Thomas  
Sawyer, Frank Marion 47920    
Schofner, M. A. (Mrs) 32634 Schofner, Thomas Dudley  
Scott, Calvin 38763    
Scott, James A. rej    
Scott, M. J. (Mrs) 31946 Scott, John Hampton  
Scott, Martha A. 35992 Scott, Peter Clingman 17384
Scott, Peter Clingman 17384    
Shelton, Annie 47778 Shelton, Wayne 29725
Simmons, L. 08234    
Simmons, S. J. (Mrs) 04939 Simmons, T. J.  
Smith, Bird H. 36799    
Smith, Christopher Columbus 08235    
Smith, E. (Mrs) rej Smith, William Giles  
Smith, Frankie 45487 Smith, Bird H. 36799
Smith, Isaac B. 36768    
Smith, J. B. 31864    
Smith, J. H. rej    
Smith, James Early 42244    
Smith, Obadiah Richmond 43264    
Smith, Sarah Alice 51251 Smith, James Early 42244
Son, S. J. (Mrs) 30688 Son, David Washington  
Spalding, George rej    
Spence, John W. 51034    
Spence, K. T. 25257    
Stacy, Sarah Elizabeth 40298 Stacy, John Rich  
Stafford, Ella 42518 Stafford, William Tilman  
Staggs, T. N. 07152    
Stapp, W. H. 25320    
Starkey, Adeline Fredrica 46747 Starkey, Thomas Benton 41812
Starkey, Thomas Benton 41812    
Stewart, Joshua D. 12288    
Stone, John Lock 00539    
Stone, Pherba Lee 51117 Stone, John Lock  
Storey, M. S. (Mrs) 28171 Storey, Sirleanus Alonzo  
Strange, Addie 42148 Strange, John Tyler  
Strawn, S. J. (Mrs) 19967 Strawn, Thomas Stockton  
Talbot, Nancy L. 40039 Talbot, William Hale  
Tanner, Isaac 04605    
Taylor, Frances M. 49465 Taylor, Henry Percy 46772
Taylor, Henry Percy 46772    
Taylor, J. M. 00531    
Teal, T. A. Missing    
Thomas, Hulda E. 49324 Thomas, Seaborn Graham Sneed  
Thomas, Mary E. 42007 Thomas, Samuel M. 40019 Missing
Thomas, Samuel M. 39130    
Thomas, Sealie 29437 Thomas, James Ervin  
Thompson, Elizabeth 49017 Thompson, Jasper M.  
Thompson, J. W. 33492    
Thompson, Mary Ellen 39589 Thompson, J. W. 33492
Thorp, Melissa Virginia 41292 Thorp, James Goodhope  
Tomlinson, C. C. 06987    
Tompkins, Susan 21430 Tompkins, George Newton 05670
Townsend, Jackson Van Buren 33001    
Townsend, Sarah A. 37392 Townsend, Jackson Van Buren 33001
Trigg, Pency Collins Heflin 46049 Heflin, William Wyatt  
Tuggle, M. E. (Mrs) 06599 Tuggle, H. P.  
Turner, William Andrew 42461    
Turner, William Dunlap 29004    
Turney, H. I. rej    
Turney, W. J. 00543    
Twyman, Emma Wilson 42440 Wilson, Robert Bryant  
Van Zandt, Frances E. 37278 Van Zandt, William Jasper 33214
Vaught, Andrew 04596    
Vestal, J. R. 04601    
Wade, James T. 19853    
Wagnon, Rachel 50117 Wagnon, Robert Marklin  
Walker, W. R. 00529    
Waller, M. A. (Mrs) 28808 Waller, Peyton Clemont  
Ware, S. L. E. (Mrs) 27137 Ware, Joseph Campbell  
Watson, Caroline 00536 Watson, David  
Watson, P. P. 00550    
Watters, A. (Mrs) 33045 Watters, Thomas Young  
Weaver, Frank Bradley 50569    
Weaver, John I. 07154    
Weaver, Victoria 50618 Weaver, Frank Bradley 50569
Webster, Daniel Bradley 04927    
Weed, Alexander 00532    
Weed, Lucinda 10004 Weed, Alexander 00532
Wells, Charles Nelson 43326    
Wells, Judith 04569 Wells, Phelix  
Wells, W. T. 29384    
Welty, John rej    
Welty, Joseph rej    
Whaley, Lucinda Catherine 28069 Whaley, Peyton Green  
Wheat, J. W. 22019    
White, Americus David 24446    
White, Mary Elizabeth Curtis 46966 Curtis, John Forshee  
White, Mattie M. 29943 White, Americus David 24446
White, W. H. 27182    
White, W. W. 00552    
Whitehead, N. M. (Mrs) 24375 Whitehead, Charles Free  
Whitehead, Sarah Caroline rej Whitehead, William Tuzwell  
Whitley, E. M. (Mrs) 18730 Whitley, Hiram Little  
Whitley, Martha A. 26127 Whitley, James K. Polk 10152
Whittenburg, Rufus Andrew 46343    
Williams, H. C. 30793    
Williams, Sarah Francis 42427 Williams, Alexander Spratley  
Willman, E. J. (Mrs) 23406 Willman, Phillip 00446
Wilson, Thomas Herron 42036    
Wise, Nancy Catherine 27041 Wise, William Patton  
Witcher, Taliafferro Asbury 41264    
Womack, E. C. rej    
Wood, Lawrence B. 00542    
Wood, Nannie E. rej Wood, Thomas Kemsey  
Wood, Sarah 09536 Wood, Lawrence B. 00542
Wren, Mary A. 30560 Wren, Robert  
Wright, William R. 08979    
Yarberry, William Y. 27515    
Yeager, Martha L. 22274 Yeager, Abner Marvin  
Young, Jefferson George rej    

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