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Henson Townsend Family Cemetery 6
Name Birth Death Marker Other Map Note Misc
🌹Henson,  Margarette Elizabeth 29 Mar 1854 12 Apr 1936 tbs dc  [maiden name was Yarborough]
[Died in Fisher County, TX]
🌹Henson, James M. 16 Sep 1846 28 Dec 1893 tbs    
🌹Townsend, Infant of J.S. & Lolah 18 Dec 1899 18 Dec 1899 tbs    
🌹Townsend, Infant of J.S. & Lolah 4 Aug 1909 4 Aug 1909 tbs    
🌹Townsend, Infant of J.S. & Lolah 4 Jan 1911 4 Jan 1911 tbs    
🌹Yarborough, Nancy Elizabeth 1 Dec 1838 30 Sep 1920 tbs   [born Tennessee], [father, George Gray,
mother Margarette Fowler]

The cemetery was started when the remains of a cowboy was found under a tree near by. There are 6 graves within the chain link fence marked and 1 unmarked adult male. North of, to the right of the cemetery are two burials under an old overgrown Cedar tree. One adult male with sea shells covering the grave and 1 male child. Behind or West of the fenced area, is an area located with numerous native stones marking unidentified burials for adults and children of both gender. About 16 in total. Call ahead for access to the road leading to the cemetery. Although the cemetery is deeded to Brown County, it is surrounded by private property owned by the Dietrich family. Surveyed and recorded in June 2008 by Doris Teague and Clay Riley.~ C.R.