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Cemetery Tool Kit

Try out these handy tools for cemetery research.

Find A Grave

Browse for a Cemetery in Brown Co.
(list of 24 locations)
Browse for a Cemetery in Texas
(list of 254 counties)
Browse/Search Group 0 Memorials
(mgr: Sharon Crowder)
Browse/Search Group 1 Memorials
(mgr: Geneva Johnson)
Browse/Search Group 2 Memorials
(mgr: Nancy Almaguer)
Browse/Search Group 4 Memorials
(mgr: Jeannette Buris)
Browse Group 0 Vet Memorials
(mgr: Sharon Crowder)
Browse Group 1 Vet Memorials
(mgr: Geneva Johnson)
Browse Group 2 Vet Memorials
(mgr: Nancy Almaguer)
Browse Group 4 Vet Memorials
(mgr: Jeannette Buris)

Misc tools & links

Tombstone Birthday
calculates using tombstone death date & age.
Day of the Week
returns day of the week Mon-Sun for entered date.
Exact Age Calculator
returns the difference of two dates.
ABMC Burials Search
American Battle Monuments Commission.
Texas County Locator
selected county is bull eyed 'Not on Chrome'.
Texas Town Search
search Texas Almanac town database.
Vet Headstone Appls
search vet headstone applications 1925-1949.
Geonames USGS
search GNIS for cemeteries plus more.
Nationwide Gravesite Locator
burial locations of veterans
Names In Stone
search burials/set alerts
Billion Graves
doesn't like Ad Block
Interment dot net
search/browse cemeteries
Family Search dot org
U.S. Cemeteries
Family Search dot org
U.S. Social Security Death Index