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Pecan Valley Genealogical Society

Brown County Texas Cemeteries

Windham Cemetery

est. c.1879


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Name Birth Death Photos DCs Comments
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Alexander, Billie P. 28-Aug-1911   tbs    dmw Allen R.
Alexander, Allen R. 9-Jan-1918 11-Dec-1992 tbs    dmw Billie P.
Anderson, Agnes [McPeeters] 6-Jan-1838 25-Apr-1927 tbs    wife of David Q.
Anderson, D.Q. 8-Aug-1832 12-Feb-1885 tbs    husb Agnes
Anderson, Wm. R.(iley) 16-Jan-1860 12-Dec-1899 tbs    Ornate Iron Fence, son D.Q. & Agnes Anderson
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Barton, Ola 21-Aug-1886 7-Nov-1908 tbs    wife R., dau of J.M. & E. Thompson
Baskin, Dottie J.(ane) [Smith] 23-Jan-1889 30-Sep-1928 tbs dcs  dmw Melvin
Baskin, Eura Lee 1-Jul-1904 9-May-1911 tbs    
Baskin, Melvin M. 16-Aug-1868 28-Dec-1949 tbs dcs  dmw Dottie
Bruton, Infant 14-Oct-1915 14-Oct-1915 tbs    dau of L.A. & E.L.
Byrd, Arthur 12-Oct-1897 4-Feb-1911 tbs    son of R.L. & E.J.
Byrd, Becca  [Furry] 25-Jul-1882 7-Jul-1964   dcs  dmw J.H.  Rebecca A. 
Byrd, Beulah P. 24-Aug-1892 15-Oct-1893 tbs    dau of R.L. & E.J.
Byrd, Cleatus 4-Sep-1918 25-Aug-2002 usa   wwii son of Fred J. & Stella Guthrie Byrd
Byrd, Conrie Oct-1897 3-Feb-1911   dcs  
Byrd, Fred 29-0-1897 4-Jan-1919 tbs    
Byrd, Fred Jackson 22-May-1926 16-Jul-1936 tbs dcs  
Byrd, Infant 5-Aug-1915 24-Aug-1915      baby of W.M. & M.F.
Byrd, J.(ames)  H.(arvey) 3-May-1855 20-May-1925     dmw Becca
Byrd, Jesse C.(ornelous) 31-Mar-1904 22-Aug-1961 tbs dcs  "Dad"
Byrd, Laura 4-Aug-1879 5-Aug-1915 tbs dcs  wife of John  stone says age 36, no b. date
Byrd, Leo V. 11-Jan-1923   tbs     dmw Zada
Byrd, Letha J. [McPeeters] 18-Apr-1834 23-Dec-1913 tbs dcs  dmw Martin
Byrd, Lonnie M. 6-Oct-1904 2-Oct-1907 tbs     son of J.H.  & Rebecca A. 
Byrd, Lucy M. 25-Jun-1885 25-Dec-1948 tbs dcs  dmw W.J.
Byrd, Marion M. 3-Oct-1873* 24-Jul-1959 tbs dcs  "Muss"  *death cert. says 1864, 1880 census was 6
Byrd, Martin 26-Dec-1833 12-Dec-1879 tbs    dmw Letha
Byrd, Mattie Maude 10-Aug-1893 8-Apr-1964 tbs    dmw Willie o.  DC-Roselee Mattie Maude
Byrd, Odie Lester 8-Aug-1917 3-Jul-1922 tbs    son of W.. & M.M
Byrd, Truman Jodie 28-Sep-1909 24-Nov-1914 tbs    son of M.S. & L.E.
Byrd, W.(iliam)  J.(ackson) 11-Oct-1858 14-Jul-1926 tbs dcs  "Jack"  dmw Lucy M.
Byrd, Willie Odie 10-Dec-1898 4-Mar-1961 tbs dcs  dmw Mattie Maude   DC-William Ozam
Byrd, Zada O. 21-Jul-1923   tbs    dmw Leo
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Caldwell, Mary C. 23-Oct-1844 8-Nov-1907 tbs    
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Davis, Chalmer unknown unknown tbs    Name only on small stone.
Davis, Mary unknown unknown tbs    Name only on small stone.
Dunning, Wilthacker 9-Nov-1917 17-Nov-1994 usa   wwii kwar
Duncan, Nile 25-Dec-1901 9-Jan-1902      son W.B. & Ada
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Ellis, Kathleen 18-Jul-1919 22-Feb-1922 tbs    
Ellis, Martha C. 0-0-1844* 14-Jan-1899 tbs    calc 55 y
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Furry, Bertha A. 7-Apr-1899 21-Feb-1983 tbs  dcs  dmw Claude F.
Furry, Claude 13-Jan-1898 16-Apr-1965 tbs    dmw Bertha A.
Furry, Infant 24-Aug-1918 25-Aug-1918 tbs    dau of Claude & B.A.
Furry, James T. 22-Dec-1919   tbs    dmw Odessa
Furry, Lizzie 20-Mar-1884 30-Jan-1981 tbs    
Furry, M.(ichael) G. 18-Oct-1843 20-Feb-1915 tbs    dmw P.A.
Furry, Nancy May 0-Jul-1891 21-Mar-1895      dau M.G. & P.A.
Furry, Odessa M. 9-Mar-1924 24-Feb-1997      dmw James T.
Furry, P.(olly) A.(nn) 25-Dec-1852 13-Jan-1919 tbs    dmw M.G.   Mn Coker
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Goddard, Evalene Rains 0-0-1854 28-Nov-1904      "Grandmother" tmw Ira and Lottie
Goddard, Ira M. 6-Mar-1876 3-Dec-1913 tbs    "Father"  tmw Lottie and Evalene
Goddard, Lottie I. 10-Feb-1883 15-Aug-1954 tbs dcs  "Mother" tmw Ira and Evalene
Granad, Melissa 3-Oct-1830 29-Mar-1893 tbs    
Grant, W.N. 20-Apr-1877 4-Feb-1909 tbs  tbs    Masonic Lodge, b. Grimes County, TX
Guthrie, Edna Odell 16-Mar-1908 26-Oct-1915 tbs    dau of W.W. & Mollie
Guthrie, Eliza [Byrd] 1-Mar-1900   tbs    dmw Oscar L.
Guthrie, Emma L.(ue) 24-Jun-1865 22-Aug-1934 tbs dcs  mn Golden
Guthrie, Hershel 6-Nov-1924 4-Feb-1925 tbs    son Mr. & Mrs. C.L.
Guthrie, Oscar L. 14-Dec-1892 23-Apr-1969 tbs dcs  dmw Eliza [Byrd]  wed 5 Dec 1918
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Harms, Thelma [Byrd] 12-Dec-1906 11-Jun-1991 tbs    
Hays, Silas B. 4-Aug-1931   tbs   dmw  Thelma "Bill"
Hays, Thelma Marie [Purcell] 1-Oct-1937   tbs    dmw Silas   Married 20 Jan 1954
Henderson, Pat  unknown  unknown tbs    Name only on small stone
Henderson, Tricia  unknown unknown  tbs    Name only on small stone
Hutton, Rebecca 25-Nov-1861 16-Jan-1887      wife of F.M.
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Isaacs, Amalene [Phillips] 15-Sep-1916 10-May-1984 tbs    dmw  William H.
Isaacs, Philip 29-Sep-1944 29-May-1945 tbs    
Isaacs, William Hayes 8-Mar-1900 4-Dec-1985 tbs    dmw  Amalene
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Lewis, Amanda Ashcraft 22-Apr-1914 1-Sep-1993      
Lewis, Arnold 22-Jun-1920 15-Jul-1924 tbs dcs  son of R.L. & Mattie [Eubank]
Lewis, Callie 3-Jun-1869 8-May-1947 tbs dcs  dmw John W.  Dau J.R. Rushing
Lewis, Delmar E. 1916 1993 tbs    
Lewis, D.A. 8-Apr-1844 13-Feb-1918 tbs    "her life"
Lewis, E. S. 3-Dec-1844 24-Nov-1925 tbs    
Lewis, Ellis Clyde 21-Nov-1913 11-Aug-1963 tbs dcs   Masonic Lodge  dmw Amanda
Lewis, Hazel O. 28-Aug-1918 30-Oct-1950 tbs dcs   dau of R.L. & Mattie [Eubank]
Lewis, John W.(esley) 26-Jan-1869 7-Oct-1937       dmw Callie
Lewis, Larue 3-Sep-1914 23-Jan-1942      
Lewis, Laura  unknown unknown  tbs    Funeral home marker, illegible
Lewis, Odie 12-Feb-1902 24-Mar-1962   dcs  60y, 1m, 12d
Lewis, Richard Andrew 19-Jan-1931 6-Jul-1985 usa dcs cowar
Lewis, R.(obert)  Lee 19-Dec-1891 15-Jun-1970 tbs dcs  
Lewis, Winnie A. 15-Jul-1924 25-Oct-1925   dcs  dau of Odie Lewis
Lewis, Thomas K. 23-Sep-1923 20-May-1977 tbs    
Lewis, Wilda M. 25-Feb-1923   tbs    only date on stone
Lewis, Wm J. 5-Dec-1882 9-Nov-1925 tbs    
Looper, Janetta 1-May-1901 1-Jul-1901 tbs    
Looper, Sloan Oneal 10-Dec-1865 14-Sep-1943 tbs dcs  
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McDonough, Jane 28-Jan-1818 9-Mar-1883 tbs     wife of A.J.?  Stone broken
McPeeters, J.(ames)H.(arvey) 0-0-1824 18-Jul-1879 tbs  tbs    "In his 65th year"  stacked stones
Meador, Eddie Thomas 17-Apr-1890 22-Jan-1966 tbs dcs  "Bud"
Meador, Mrs. Bud (Mary Lybice) 20-Oct-1892 13-Jul-1965 tbs dcs  
Meador, Joshaway G. 30-Mar-1893 10-Nov-1973 tbs dcs  dmw Rachel
Meador, Lois F. 25-Mar-1914 4-May-2002 tbs    dmw William J.
Meador, Mrs. O. A.  unknown  unknown tbs    sandstone marker-dates not complete
Meador, Rachel 20-May-1887 22-Jun-1973 tbs dcs  dmw Joshaway
Meador, Thomas M. 15-Dec-1852 6-May-1913 tbs    
Meador, William Joseph 10-Dec-1961 2-Jun-1978 tbs    
Meador, William J. 15-Apr-1913 13-Jan-1985 tbs dcs  dmw  Lois F.
Mills, Baby 3-Sep-1917 3-Sep-1917 tbs     dau of F.N.
Milton, Sam 20-Nov-1941 20-Jun-1987 tbs    
Minton, Ellie Mae [Byrd] 8-Mar-1902 6-Apr-1987 tbs    
Minton, Thomas A. 21-Sep-1886 12-Nov-1972 usa   wwi
Minton, Tommie 3-Apr-1929 2-May-1953 usa dcs cowar
Moore, Mary E. 17-Feb-1799 10-Nov-1889 tbs    
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Naron, Ludie B. 27-Oct-1876 27-Jul-1905 tbs    
[back to top]   P      
Peel, A.C. Charley 1891 1950 tbs    dmw Mary O.
Peel, Chester 1923 1924 tbs    
Peel, Mary Oneal 1895 1975 tbs    dmw Charley  Mar. 22 Jun 1915
Phillips, Ben N.(elson) 16-Oct-1864 21-Jun-1959 tbs dcs  
Phillips, A. Eliza 5-Aug-1891 21-Sep-1972 tbs    dmw James W.
Phillips, Earl L. 12-Nov-1925 1-May-1989 tbs    dmw Nelda
Phillips, Frances Valera 31-Jul-1914 25-Jun-2003 tbs    dmw James Windham - Eastern Star
Phillips, James W. 22-Dec-1890 16-May-1973 tbs    dmw A. Eliz
Phillips, James Windham 19-Sep-1913 11-Dec-1996 tbs    dmw Frances V. - Masonic, Wed- 6 May 1935
Phillips, L.(ewis) L.(ester) 11-Jun-1904 27-Dec-1961 tbs dcs  "Les" unidentified adult at foot of Lewis L.
Phillips, Mary E. [Furry] 24-Dec-1874 1-Mar-1965 tbs dcs    dmw  S.Jack
Phillips, Nelda 5-Jul-1931   tbs    dmw  Earl
Phillips, S.(tonewall) Jack(son) 4-Jul-1861 25-Aug-1934 tbs dcs  "Father" -  dmw Mary E.
Pool, A(manda?)          fhm unreadable
Purcell, Lela [Byrd] 8-Aug-1891 20-Oct-1985 tbs    dmw Walter S.
Purcell, Molly          cannot read fhm
Purcell, Walter M.(elton) 17-Oct-1890 20-Oct-1960 tbs dcs  
Purcell, Walter S. 26-Dec-1891 9-Apr-1978 tbs    dmw Lela
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Rider, Percilla 7-Apr-1900 8-Aug-1902 tbs    dau of J.H. & M.J.
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Sikes, Stella C.(olumbia) 3-Apr-1898 29-Oct-1979 tbs  dcs  dmw Ulas H.
Sikes, Ulas H. 6-Nov-1898 17-Mar-1971 tbs    dmw Stella C.
Smith, A. H. "Shorty" 27-Dec-1926 4-Apr-2002 tbs      dmw Margie
Smith, Beth Infant 25-Jul-1932 25-Jul-1932      
Smith, Charley 5-Mar-1883 30-Jun-1893 tbs    
Smith, Dollie 9-Apr-1900 24-Apr-1900 tbs    
Smith, Grover C. 28-Mar-1885 5-Nov-1965 tbs dcs  Husb of Minnie
Smith, Harl Infant 22-Nov-1930 22-Nov-1930   dcs  
Smith, Margie [Petross] 24-Jul-1931   tbs    dmw "Shorty"  Wed.- 31 Jul 1976
Smith, Minnie  [Presley] 4-Dec-1887 9-Sep-1940 tbs dcs  wife of Grover
Smith, Mollie L. [Phagans] 22-Jun-1863 29-Dec-1925 tbs    dmw Thomas J.
Smith, Thomas J.(asper) 7-May-1864 19-Jan-1936 tbs dcs  dmw Mollie
St. Ama, James W. 6-Sep-1914 18-Mar-2004 tbs    dmw Thelma
St. Ama, Thelma [Furry] 5-Nov-1921   tbs    dmw James W.  wed-15 Nov 1941
Strawn, Clara V. 10-May-1913 12-Jul-1915 tbs    
Strawn, M.B. 1-Jan-1917 4-Jul-1934 tbs    
Sumerlin, Olive 30-Aug-1887 17-Jan-1919 tbs tbs    wife of W.J.
Sumerlin, Wm. J. 24-Mar-1887 26-Feb-1917 tbs tbs     WOW Marker
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Tapley, Alice 17-Oct-1906 14-Apr-1907 tbs     dau of A.E. & E.M.
Tapley, Jewel 18-Nov-1901 15-Sep-1902 tbs     dau of A.E. & E.M.
Tapley, Ludie B. 17-Oct-1906 14-Apr-1907       dau of A.E. & E.M.
Thomas, Charles Willard 13-Jun-1931   tbs     "Son" dmw Thaney
Thompson, A. 5-Oct-1882 9-Nov-1882 tbs     has iron fence
Thompson, Elizabeth 29-Oct-1858 9-Jan-1949 tbs dcs   dmw Jasper
Thompson, J. L. 27-Oct-1880 15-Oct-1881 tbs    
Thompson, Jasper 13-Sep-1844 21-Jan-1917 tbs     dmw Elizabeth
Thompson, Jennie M. 7-Oct-1871 28-Apr-1886      
Thompson, Lula 1-Mar-1891 25-Feb-1892 tbs    
Thompson, Ruthie 7-Apr-1896 27-Jun-1899 tbs     dau of W.A. & A.L.
Tipton,  George E.  unknown  unknown tbs     Stone marked age 30 years only.
Tipton,  Laura 0-0-1876 14-Jan-1913   dcs   dau of Martin & Letha Byrd
Tipton, Willie L. 5-Jan-1897 8-May-1898 tbs     son of G.E. & Laura P.
Trantham, Elmer  9-Oct-1890 30-Jan-1965 tbs dcs  "Red"  dmw Josie B.
Trantham, Josie [Byrd] 25-Jul-1895 18-Dec-1972 tbs dcs   dmw Elmer
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Unknown, Baby  unknown unknown        Small crypt next th J.H. McPeeters
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Vaught, Andrew 1825 1916 csa   cvwar
Vaught, Mary Ann 14-Sep-1821 15-Dec-1898 tbs    
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Walters, Augusta A. 5-Aug-1916 13-Sep-1985 usa  dcs wwii
Walters, Bobby Glen, Jr. 18-Jan-1962 21-Apr-1976 tbs    
Walters, Bobby Glen, Sr. 4-May-1944   tbs    
Walters, Brenda 15-Dec-1943   tbs    
Walters, Carolyn J.(ane) 27-May-1943 9-Jul-2006 tbs    
Walters, Kenneth 13-Jul-1957   tbs     dmw Patsy
Walters, Lometa 1-Mar-1920 15-Dec-1988 tbs    Eastern Star
Walters, Mack E. 18-Oct-1873 18-Oct-1972 tbs     dmw Mollie
Walters, Mollie M. 28-Jan-1888 27-Oct-1974 tbs     dmw Mack
Walters, Patsy 16-Aug-1952 3-Jun-1985 tbs     dmw Kenneth  Wed.-22 Dec 1977
Walters, Thaney Luella 7-Jun-1914 25-Apr-2005 tbs    "Mother"  dmw Charles W. Thomas
Walters, Louise          fhm
Walters, Whittie Mae 25-Mar-1913 1-Jan-1998 tbs     dmw William C., Sr. Wed-10 Dec 1929
Walters, William Carson, Jr. 13-Jul-1936 8-Aug-1999 usa   cowar
Walters, William Carson, Sr. 15-Mar-1907 16-Mar-1996 tbs     dmw Whittie Mae
White, Billy M. "Buckshot" 13-Nov-1926 26-Oct-1996 tbs usa   wwii
White, Pansy B. 15-May-1925 14-Oct-1993 tbs     dmw Billy M.
White, Patrick Dean 6-Nov-1961 18-Nov-1990 tbs    
Williams, Claud A. 15-Sep-1891 31-Jul-1950 tbs    58y, 10m, 16d  calc. birth date:15 Sep 1891
Windham, Amazon S. [Baugh] 15-May-1847 27-Feb-1914 tbs dcs   wife of Sam R.
Windham, Carl Jr. 5-May-1927        dmw Emily
Windham, Emily Claudeen 6-Aug-1926 4-Dec-2005 tbs    dmw Carl, Jr.
Windham, Essie C. 19-Sep-1894 7-Oct-1978 tbs    
Windham, James M. 4-Apr-1937 2-Sep-1991 tbs    "Father"
Windham, J.(ohn) D. 22-Apr-1873 9-Mar-1916 tbs dcs  
Windham, John Samuel 20-Nov-1899 26-Feb-1984 tbs dcs  
Windham, Sam R. 0-0-1841 2-Dec-1917 tbs dcs   husb of Amazon
Windham, Theodocia 3-Aug-1866 20-Dec-1887 tbs     wife of J.L.
Windham, Thomas M.(organ) 12-Dec-1875 19-Sep-1959 tbs dcs   son of Sam & Amazon
Windham, Wm O 15-Jan-1890 15-Jan-1919 tbs dcs  
Windham, Zettie 1-Sep-1905 1-Sep-1905 tbs    
Wolf, Wash 1844 1910 tbs    White metal cross
Womack, J.(asper) N.(ewton) 22-May-1848 1-Dec-1924 tbs dcs   dmw M.J.
Womack, Jessie 3-Jun-1887 19-Sep-1958 tbs dcs   wife of Sugg
Womack, M.(artha) J. [Anderson] 18-Nov-1857 2-Jan-1937 tbs dcs   dmw J.N.  , dau. of David & Agnes Anderson
Womack, (Cal) Sugg 15-Dec-1887 5-Aug-1934 tbs dcs   C.(alvin) S.(ugg) Husb of Jessie

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