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Pecan Valley Genealogical Society

Brown County Texas Cemeteries

Gentry Family Cemetery

est. c.1882


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Name Birth Death Photos DCs Comments
Gentry, G M Sep. 5, 1877 Jan. 19, 1882 tbs tbs    
Gentry, J A unknown unknown tbs tbs    Only marking on the back of the stone was R.E. & J.A. The stone was found with the Eastern Star down and partially buried in the dirt. The markings were noted in a 1972 survey, but could have been added by vandals. ~Clay Riley 2007.
Gentry, Nannie B unknown Jan. 11, 1885 tbs tbs   An earlier survey (1972) said there was an Eastern Star emblem on this stone, but it was not visible in this survey (2007). 
Gentry, R E unknown unknown tbs tbs   See note at J A
Unknown unknown unknown tbs tbs   This cemetery is unprotected from livestock, and is endangered. ~D. R. Jones 2013.