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Pecan Valley Genealogical Society

Brown County Texas Cemeteries

Brown Family Cemetery

est. c.1870


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Name Birth Death Photos DCs Comments
Brown, Cabe unknown unknown tbs tbs   Son of William F. "Billy" Brown. Cabe was killed by raiding indians.
Connell, Evelen unknown unknown tbs    
Hester, Bathena unknown unknown tbs    
Hester, Ollie unknown unknown tbs    
Tipton, Caleb unknown unknown tbs    
Wooldridge, Sarah unknown 1880 tbs   It appears that Sarah Brown Wooldridge is buried in Smith Cemetery in Brown County, Texas. The memorial/marker here in this cemetery must be in error[most likely not]. The Wooldridge twins are possibly buried here.~C.R.~
[I have some documents, of which one is a narrative telling of how Sarah fell from a roof in 1880 (approx age 31) and died as did her unborn twin children. (William H Wooldridge subsequently married Sarah Rushing.)]- submitted by a family member.
Wooldridge, Twins unknown 1880 tbs