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Pecan Valley Genealogical Society

Brown County Texas Cemeteries

Brooks Lee Family Cemetery

est. c.1862


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Name Birth Death Photos DCs Comments
Adams, Infant 18 Apr 1881 18 Apr 1881 tbs     Dau. H.L. & M.C.  Has iron fence.
Carmean, James B. no date 23 Aug 1862 tbs     Killed by Indians "They lives as They died as lyons"
Cochran, Infant 14 Jun 1910 23 Jun 1910 tbs     Son J.M. & K.A.
Crenshaw, James B. 3 Jun 1872 2 Apr 1873 tbs     Son T.P. & P.H.
Counts, Mary L. 26 Feb 1829 13 May 1863 tbs     Wife of Joel
Law, William Alexander 22 Dec 1865 2 Jun 1916 Unmarked     Born in Milam County, Texas
Laurence, Vander L. 15 Sep 1881 20 Sep 1882 tbs     Son J.A. & M.
Medley, M. D. no dates no dates csa     cvwar Co C 5th Texas Cav. CSA.  MJM on fieldstone by Medley. MG Medley on civil war registry.
Lee, Abner 24 Feb 1801 17 Aug 1881 tbs     Uncle to Brooks Lee
Lee, Brooks W. 25 Jan 1853 14 May 1892 tbs     Masonic Lodge  Double marker with wife Keziah.
Lee, Keziah Adams 31 Mar 1840 3 Dec 1925 tbs dcs   Daughter of Icabod Adams           Persons Photo
Lee, Harvey A. 19 May 1882 24 Oct 1882 tbs     Son of G.L. & V.E.
Lee, Rebecca L. 24 Nov 1869 8 Mar 1873 tbs     Daughter of B. & K.
Lee, Virginia E. 13 Feb 1861 24 May 1882 tbs     Wife of G.L.
Roberts, Amanda F. 5 Apr 1864 9 Jun 1886 tbs     Wife of C.C., Daughter of Keziah and Brooks W. Lee       Persons Photo
Tankersley, James no date 23 Aug 1862 tbs     On double marker with James Carmean. Killed same day by Indians.
Waits, Martha no date 15 July 1879 tbs     Made from field stone.
Flat Sandstone Slab no dates nodates tbs      Two Indians said to be buried under rock in 1862

At Least 20 unmarked graves are in this cemetery marked only by masses of Iris.