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Pecan Valley Genealogical Society

Beaird County Texas Cemeteries

Beaird Family Cemetery

est. c.1891


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Name Birth Death Photos DCs Comments
Ash, Emma   No Dates      
Beaird, Laura Belle 3 Feb 1872 calc. 3 Jul 1891 tbs    19yrs, 5mos.,  d/W.C. & S.F. Beaird
Hammond, Catherine 26 Jun 1812 23 Feb 1894     "Memory of Hammond, Catherine, wife of M. R. Hammond born26 Jun 1812- died 23 Feb 1894, married 22 Feb 1844. Mother of M. J. Sumner; M. M. Hammond; D. J. Hammond; S. C. Roberson; J. R. Kinnaman; E. A. Hammond; J. H. Hammond; A. N. Hammond and C. J. Hammond. Blessed are they that die in the Lord. Children, this word dun by your father, M. R. Hammond 22 Mar 1894." The above is a very ornate stone.
Hammond, M.R.   22 Mar 1894     "Blessed are they that die in the Lord"
Harris, Robert 09 Jun 1830 01 Jul 1892      
Harris, Amanda Britton, Miss 17 Sep 1840 24 Oct 1914   dcs [Born in MS]
Webb, Rachel S. 07 Sep 1841 03 Sep 1891     [Blackwell] w/J [ack]
Webb, Joe W. 1873 1892      
Willis, James E. 28 Aug 1923 17 Apr 1991     USN WWII
The following are said to be buried in Beaird Cemetery. No markers.         The following are kinsman of Mrs. M. Haag of Midland, Texas, who sent the information.
Phillips, Emily Wadell Gregory 1833 1894     Born in S. C. died summer of 1894 in Beaird Co. TX. Dau/ Nicholes & Emily Brook Wadell. Married 1st Wm. H. Gregory 02 Jan 1848 Cherokee Co. GA. Married 2nd Christenberry Phillips 09 Feb 1869 Cherokee Co. GA, Had son John Howard Gregory. Emily's other son settled in Petersburg, Texas.
Gregory, Mary McGinnis   1894     died in spring of 1894 w/Howard Gregory.
Gregory, Alfred   1894     Infant/ Howard & Mary, died one month after his mother.