Notables In Greenleaf Cemetery

by Carl Langford

Notable or Noteworthy?

Notable: as described in dictionary, prominent or distinguished, diligent & efficient in household duties. A person of distinction or great reputation.

Noteworthy: a notice of attention or remarkable, noteworthiness. With this said, Who decides? Who is notable in our communities or cemeteries. Is a person more notable when dead or noteworthy when alive? Does these folks only get recognized when they are gone? Again, Who decides?

In 2009, Greenleaf Cemeterypublished an article about their cemetery and mentioned some of their Notable's buried in the cemetery. Most everyone has someone buried in this cemetery, even myself and didn't know the following:

Robert E. Howard - author and poet who created Conan the Barbarian. Fag #2790.

Henry Ford (not The Henry Ford) - In 1886 borrowed $10,000 from a Bank in Ft Worth to loan farmers during a drought. All was repaid except $2.50. Fag #15943258.

Noah T. Byars - A Baptist minister who helped organized several Baptist Church's in Brown county. A special meeting was held in his blacksmith & gunsmith shop at Washington on the Brazos, which was the largest building around. In this blacksmith shop on March 2, 1836, that the Texas Declaration of Independence was signed. He founded the First Baptist Church in Brownwood in 1876. Fag #15972210.

Dr. Mollie Armstrong - first female optometrist in Texas. Fag #75855142.

Samuel R. & Mody J. Coggin - partners with Henry Ford in Coggin, Ford & Company Bank. They owned the largest cattle operation in the area. Fag #15971515 and Fag #15971814.

Walter U. Early - The City of Early named in his honor. Fag #16199774.

George I. Goodwin -served in the 12th & 14th sessions of Texas Legislature, during that time authored a bill creating Texas A & M. Fag #25528849.

Rufus F. Hardin - born a slave, he became one of the First teachers to the black community in Brownwood. The Rufus F. Hardin School was named in his honor. Fag #47578292.

Will E. Mayes - Lt. Governor of Texas 1913 - 1914 and founder and dean of School of Journalism at Unv. of Texas. Fag #46522599.

Sol Tanner - the first mayor of Brownwood in 1877. Texas Ranger & UCV member. Fag #29252523.

C. M. Webb - A Texas Ranger killed by the outlaw John Wesley Hardin. Fag #8385579.

More about these NOTABLE'S can be read on Greenleaf Cemetery Brown Co., Tx.

Make a NOTABLE list for your Cemetery.